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09 January 2009 @ 08:01 pm
8:01 PM


I'm so - mmmm bored i guess? i'm not even in the mood to listen to some music.

So i was lurking into some DBSK blogs instead. And found lots and lots of things. First of them all is JaeJoong's  cap. It is exactly the same as my uni colleague's Should i buy one myself? It looks funny.

credit: DBSKnights + DNBN

Theeeeeen i fond one of the most hilarious/embarassing ? things that is to happen to artists. So we have DBSK here singing and dancing to PURPLE LINE only for a few moments. But Junsu doesn't see the sign of the manager to get off the stage so he continues to dance alone (and he's so into it !!) while the others are waving at the crowd and head off to the exit =D His reaction is so cute. And Jae is hugging him
Well Junsu <3 He once lost his shoe while performing at some Tv show. So yeah.

credit: lurv304@YouTube

Not 100% off topic but
HOLLY SHEEP I MET WITH A HIGH SCHOOL COLLEAGUE TODAY  - 2 YEARS OLDER - AND HE'S GOING TO KOREA WITH A SCOLARSHIP (;_________;) TO SOUTH KOREA PRECISLEY J,XDHFKLSDJKHFVNKSDJCKSNCDHVKDXJFLSDJVLZX,C;DX. And he doesn't even know of dbsk. x___x Or BoA. He knows nothing T____T Feel my pain. Not that i know that much about Korea but meh shhh.

Oh well i'll be here in ROMANIA fangirling over them from far far faaar away.

Ok i'm trying to get over it. With another vid LOL. 
I was like "oops. Jae had made the baby cry ;__;"' but then he started singing to her and she shut up and had this cute weird face, the aka-chan =D And he wipes away her tears LOL.
Looks like she loves Yunho's face more than Jae's. A potential JJ future fan is excluded then XD

credit: rewq1991@YouTube

A~~~~~~~~~nd there's a new TOHOSHINKI (YES JAPANESE DBSK) single AND album going on sale on March, 18th.

Sadly there is no news on NEWS. But Yamapi will guest in tomorrow's V no Arashi-chan (is that the name of the show anyway?) Maybe i'll be helping yamapi_blue  with uploading tomorrow night ^^v

PS: Today i had my first exam of the second year of Uni. French. yesh -__-

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08 January 2009 @ 08:44 pm
8:45 PM


Yuki ga futte imasu !!

Yuki daruma wo tsukurou !!

I can't believe that's the sentence that i learned yesterday at the Japanese class Everything happens for a reason indeed <333

There is so much going on in the TVXQ fandom. A Chinese version of MIROTIC has been released :O The lyrics are slightly different and Yunho's rap is in English this time. Chungrish. Whatever. It's funny ! WORK YOUR BRAIN. IS THIS YOUR AIM? LMAO crack. Totally different than the original version actually.

A~~~~nd i found out why the Korean version (the original) of MIROTIC was banned.

It was because the "Korean Society...blah place?" (yeah, I dont know the name of the authorities)

They believed that
meant that it's something sexual. Under my skin would mean having sex.

SME released the lyric explanation. They explained that the lyric "UNDER MY SKIN" actually means He knows you more than you know yourself. Something like that---

Thank you kami_no_kami ^-^


And one la~~~~~~st thing. Who is she ? :3

Date of release: 2009/01/21

Gotta find my purple line.

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07 January 2009 @ 04:35 pm
4:35 PM


Aloha O______O

This sure is a first! I mean a woman with her hands on one of Johnny's boys? In public? On a cover? ?!!? O_______________o
There was once this rumour of Takki taking the control over this business. What if it's true? I'm LOLing.

And Yamapi is a guest in one of the songs on the single ^^v Nothing amazing about the song but  Yamapi !. And one of the EITO dudes i think, Yokoyama Yu? I don't have permission to repost the song so i can't share ^^;;

Time for the tvxq fandom XD The crazy Korean girls posting extremly funny gifs @DNBN because of JaeJoong and his co-star, Han Hyojoo

PART 2 !! I seriously cracked at this batch.

my fave so far LMAO.

Ayase Haruka FTW.

credit: DNBN
I hope the crazy fans will post more =D <3

9:47 PM edit: Just got back from the Japanese class and while being inside the trolley i remembered my dream last night. It was me and Jaejoong riding the trolley LOL. And eating inside the trolley. =D
Well Jya.

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06 January 2009 @ 07:38 pm
7:38 PM


Starting the entry now but will probably finish it later as i'm waiting for my mom to yell at me any moment soon XD

oh. DETTA.


Just ate delicious food: rice =D

I have so many stuff to dbsk over tonight.

Like there was an interview of Micky in which he said he composed a song while imagining what he was writing. Doing S E X lmao FTW. And they published this.

Then this old stuff got posted again in the tvxq community just to make me flail over them even more. =D They were once asked how many kids do they want and there was one hilarious response. Well JJ wants 2 daughters and one son, the others want something similar while Yunho ♥ wants 20 daughters and 5 boys. Afterwards, Junsu said: "Think of you wife!" and JJ was like "Are you trying to kill somebody?"
Yunho is the sexy goofy one. I could cope with that yeah.

Oh man and there's this shock for every JJ fan. I swear that some Korean fangirls are really funny when it comes to their idols (well the ones at DBSK's biggest forum anyway 'coz i don't want to remember what the beasts did to Yamapi last year O__o). JJ is very close to his co-star in Heaven's Postman (which is a movie !! haha finally i know it) and pictures of them  at the after party are floating everywhere on the net. That's LOL. The girl seems funny and cute. But the fangirls keep on posting this super gifs and photos at DNBN expressing their feelings. ForTheWin. There is even an angsty song with a man screaming and crying in the background.

credit: DNBN.

Hilarious is not enough of a word.

Oh man wrote so much.
Ok NEWS stuff now. Yeah like this post is going to turn huge. Being in two fandoms is BIG i tell you.

I've seen Yamapi perfom MOLA. And... i'm not excited at all. I like his outfit though =3333 Yamapi in black and white is like heaven to me.
Oh wow....i guess there isn't any news on NEWS. They'll have their OSAKA Dome concert on the 10th&11th of January. When the SP of Code Blue will be aired ! Yamapi will also be on Arashi's show on that day. Seen the pictures in a mag. He looks happy. Toda Erika looks great too ^^v

Yamapi has said in his entry today that he finds winter beautiful now which he used to hate in the past FINALLY !

Here i end up tonight's entry. Still being addicted to DARKNESS EYES.

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05 January 2009 @ 10:14 pm
10:43 PM


I'm so~ tired. And it was only the first day of work after the break. Should i be happy that the exams session is on its way?

But working until 7PM was a good chance to get even closer to thsk / JJ =D lmao, You gotta purple like that. xD Damn.

And~~~~a new icon featuring... JJ of course. Punishment from Yunho "get into the washing machine NOW"

I also watched the introductory clip for NEWS Party Con directed by Takki. It's so sweeeeet. Yamapi opening the box in which there's a ring and saying in his sekushi voice hajimeru.
Ryo pulling out some silly faces, Tegoshi being a player as always. I didn't see Massu, Shige and Kei though. I was concentrating on... something else =D

Oh well *dokidoki*

I'm just in an ocean of deep blue loneliness
I don't know how?
I can't move forward and come to a halt
Fragments of lies fall away I crush them, the blood trickles down
Dark in my mind... I hide in weakness

I keep on wandering in a valley of dreams (Darkness on my eyes)
I can't see yesterday... today... not even tomorrow... searching for the answer
Where... where in the world should I go?
If I touch it gently, it will break immediately I don't need things like this fleeting kindness (lie to me)
he door to my heavy heart is still closed I can't breathe...
struggling, in agony I just... I now give myself up to this weakness
With the sin of egoism I seek in the dark a fortress,
completely shrouded in shadows (here is no lights)
I close my eyes and smile (darkness on my eyes)
... I can't see the answer, amidst this despair
Raindrops falling from the heaven I couldn't remember
They take away my misery
It's raining on my heart

No light, no sound...

credit: 'owner'

I think i i like Ryoji Sonoda, the guy who wrote the lyrics to this song coz he also wrote MAZE. FTW.

10 minutes later edit: Just saw NEWS PARTY at Zoom In !!! Holly sheeep. Yamapi !! He looks funny hot funny HAWT. Skinny too?!

red boxers *hints hints*

credit for the video: yamapi85 

And forgot to mention yesterday. but i had a dream of Mao-chan two days ago. She's such a cutie pie even in my dreams =D

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04 January 2009 @ 08:14 pm
8:14 PM

Nothing comes close but your choosey lover...


I had that line in my head since yesterday.

I came to this video unintentionally (while searching for DBSK stuff though) and i was thinking to myself that i never got the chance to see Ryo in the role of a doctor by watching the SP of 1L of tears. Oh my he looks quite different than Asou-kun in his high-school days <3
But but but...why didn't i watch the SP too? I was thinking to myself. I agree that i didn't like Asou that much (Ryo in fact). well not at all -___- But damn it was the SP of the most depressing drama i've ever seen. I won't be ever crying like that in my entire life.

But then i remembered: It has never been subbed.
YAY! It wasn't coz of Ryo

And damn he has such a good crying scene in this SP. And he looks hawt in the doc uniform. Thank you, thsk fan <3

Got to get the tissues now.
Current Music: thsk - proud
03 January 2009 @ 08:36 pm
8:36 PM


hdhisahfsknckdjls i just watched THSK's Five in the Black Tokyo concert. Twice.
My mom was watching with me too. I was so very pleased that she was enjoying until...

mom: what is this? is it a boy? it can't be. It's a girl coz it has earrings, right? But the voice...is he a guy?!

She was talking about JaeJoong, my favorite TVXQ member. Then i was like wondering if it's something wrong with me that i like boys who look like girls >___> I can give like tons of examples here. HOMG !

Ok i'm trying to get over it, really. 

Then Micky crying at the end of the concert made Xiah Junsu cry who made Yunho cry *O* JJ was still singing the song though. Together with Changmin. Not much. LOL.

And HOLLY SHEEP TVXQ IS ALLOWED by SM ent. TO DATE starting with YEAR 2009! In your face ♥ FTW.
Johnny's are left behind in this matter.  Hahaha. Great thing that they have eachother. RYOPI much

I'm so the S-type tonight.


PS: My new year resolution: to watch an ARASHI for dream concert. aiba, aiba, sho, sho, nino !!

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02 January 2009 @ 05:39 pm
5:39 PM


Today it's been the projects day. I haven't had time for anything else like watching DBSK's FIVE in the BLACK tour damn it

At least now i'm about to go to Annchan's place for a sushi mini party with her and Alexa lmao crack.

I had this line in my head since days ago. Waratte, naite, utatte...hana ni na~re, flumpool douzo~

The vocalist, Ryuuta Yamamura reminds me of both Mizushima Hiro and Johnny Weir However he's cute and he's from Osaka plus he sings nice.

Well jya.

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01 January 2009 @ 09:15 pm
9:15 PM


For the first time this year

Happy new year of the Ox !! No, Yamapi, you stay as you are even if 2009 is the year of Koki too !

A thing i forgot to mention last year. The KumaButa i got from Alexia as a birthday present has a name: Masu Butasu.
Butasu because he's a buta surprise =D credit: annchan. And Masu because it quite does look like Masuda Takahisa xD Pig. :3

Oki today i woke up in high spirits ! That's a great way to start off the new year. Even though i've been listening to Holding back the tears almost the entire day. Ugh~ feel like crying.

Back to happier facts wth.

Last night i was on the sport track in Predeal. It was very cold outside but the scenery was beautiful. The picture of 2008, taken by me, could easily be this one.

Then today i've watched Johnny's Countdown. It wasn't as good as the one last year though. But at least i got to see the stage on which NEWS is performing during their NEWS WINTER PARTY DIAMOND tour. ^^v
Plus the image of Nagase doing the dance moves on Seishun Amigo was PRICELESS XDDD

And then i got to watch DBSK's 3rd concert in Japan. I wasn't very fascinated since i don't like all of their Japanese songs (and they sang only in Japanese) and Yunho's hair was *_______* scary much ?! 
Buuuuut the concert got me even more addicted to JaeJoong. I've realised just now that i love his voice very much. And during the entire concert i was like "wow now i know everyone's name AND i can distinguish them =D !!" LMAO CRACK.

<< JJ at TBS 2008 Music Awards

I like how Nakai made a bit of fun of dbsk during the 2008 NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen interview. 'Yoroshiku Onegaiishimasu' Douzo~

Well you people, don't you ever hold back your tears~
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31 December 2008 @ 11:50 am
11:50 AM


This is the last 'Aloha' i'm shouting out and loud in 2008 ! And the song i'm listening to doesn't help at all.

I'm holding back the tears
I hang my heart so it'll be weightless
In a place not too close but not too far
Another me is standing, I don't cry


I'm holding back the tears
I hang my faith on me and run
In a place that is not high nor low
Another me is standing,
With a small smile, I can smile

credit: silentxtears@soompi and sunshine_moon@TVXQ_SFC

I'm writing this early because i will leave in about 4 hours and a half.

☆How was year 2008 when it comes to my fandoms? Well i think that i got out from a fandom and got into others. Like DBSK's at the beginning of november. And flumpool's last night xD
Still NEWS has a special place in my heart.  And yes it saddens me i couldn't go tot their Tokyo Dome concert this year as i was planing at the end of 2007. They even wrote (both music and lyrics) a song for this special concert, Share.
I can only hope that in 8 months from now the DVD will be out and include the Tokyo Dome con in full.

☆BUT if Yamapi's wish is fulfilled then there's gonna be another concert next year too. And i hope it's going to be even more amazing than the current one. After all, 2009 is Yamapi's year and i just have to be there, even if for a few days.

☆And for 2009 i wish to be an adult (in order to make money nothing more ^^v) with the heart of a child; even if it's a spoiled child is still good.

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.
☆And for those of you who can read and understand Romanian ^_______^
click to enlarge, credit: mirela, the zuza girl

PS: Holly sheep Ryo's new haircut *faints*

PS2: Using Ryo's icon because today is the last day of the year of rats. T___T
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