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29 January 2009 @ 09:37 pm
9:37 PM

This journal is no longer updated.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading it so far.


18 January 2009 @ 08:41 pm
8:41 PM

Everything is inside the jewelry box

Bloody Monday.


This entry is going to be my last. And there will be *crazy* pictures at the end. Me and.. Yunho? LMAO.

But first.

Let me share some Nari-kun smexiness with you all. J vs. Falcon is my fave ♥♥

credit: TBS official website, Timelessub

Oh yeah! There was Otoya as well. I mean Sato Takeru. ♥ And the two girls that really bugged me.

Now on with my craziness. Sometime last week (i believe it was on Thursday?) i had this fuzzled hairstyle while staying @home and studying. And when i look into the mirror i was like "oh shi.t, doesn't this weirdo hairstyle look like Yunho's hair during the 'T' concert?" Which i so disliked at that time. Mmm i still don't like it if i think better.
But now that i look at the pictures of *us* i can't see the resemblance anymore.  
it's been a while since i last did a journal cut...natsukashii~Collapse )
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17 January 2009 @ 08:55 pm
8:55 PM

The hero destroys the country.

The hero saves the country.

Which one?

</div>credit: TimeLesSub

I've recently took the time to search for miyavi's lyrics to noweheregod. And i have to say i was surprised at how great the lyrics are.
In short, he talks about how each and everyone of us should believe in ourselves because we are the only ones who can decide for our life and we have to take responsibility in our life, instead of leaving it to God. I like that. it's No Where God or Now Here God. Which one?

See how my entry has become a question?

And i had such a damn great dream last night. I'm leaving it to your imagination.
Which leaded to me wanting to eat biscuits filled with cocoa cream. So i just went out this morning and bought biscuits. Biskrem & Ulpio everyone? =D

YES i'm a bloody addict! Soon to be a love shuffle addict!

Current Music: bloody monday ost
16 January 2009 @ 09:40 pm
9:41 PM

Those who protect something are weak.
But you know, people who don't want to protect anything,
no matter how strong they are, won't win in the end.
-- J.

It's snowing. The scenery is beautiful indeed. And listening to Love in the Ice right now makes everything better.
Like those amazing guys would say, even if just momentarily, this time is beautiful.

I've been reflecting to the question i was asking in yesterday's entry. And...if it was about my best friend...then i would not be in doubt. If you ask your friend about it, he will get sad. But at least you can tell he's not lying.

That's what i believe.

And i also believe that Keanu Reeves should not act in the American remake of "Cowboy Bepop". But...the damage is done. =D

From tomorrow onwards, EXAMS FIGHTING!

The first big exam: International negotiations and contracting. Fight-oh, oh! ^^v

credit: *TimeLesSub
          * the dbsk lover group @imeem

Current Music: dbsk - love in the ice (korean version)
15 January 2009 @ 10:03 pm
10:03 PM

Japan today is strange.


Here's a question tonight. If someone tells your best friend is a murderer and a criminal and all that stuff PLUS all the evidence points to him, what will you do? Believe your friend or... the evidence? Will you at least suspect him?

I was just wondering...

If i die, will you be sad... or happy?
I will be...sad.

ブラッディ・マンデイ SPおいします。

14 January 2009 @ 06:44 pm
6:44 PM


I'm still in pain. It sounds so tragic, right?
And those guys make me cry ;__;

Writing earlier today as i'm about to hit the town in like... 2 hours. I'll be meeting this Japanese dude that's staying @Miha-san's place for 1 week. I'm still not sure why he came to Romania though. I thought he was a student exchange but that can't possible be the case.

Oh look! I forgot to post this awesome news last night. Tokyograph posted it only today !

On Saturday, Fuji TV aired a special episode for its "Code Blue" drama series, which was broadcast last year. The episode achieved ratings of 23.1%, surpassing the ratings of the original series.

Last summer, "Code Blue" reached its peak at 21.2% with the opening episode. Over the whole season, it averaged 15.9%, which was the highest out of all the summer dramas.

YAY! ^^v

And another awesome news!! DBSK is currently shooting their new MV in Saipan!. w00000000t. A mv filled with very many (ha!) Russian girls. *___* And their future album is called "Picture of you".
Hmm i've never mentioned here before but DBSK has a Romanian fan club owned by a Romanian...guy. I had the chance to talk to him a bit sometime ago and he seemed normal. Plus he has a girlfriend so he can't possible be gay! Too bad. I love gay guys. They are the awesomest. I want a gay friend ;__; They are so much cooler. And pretty. I have a friend whose cousin is gay. Damn he's so cute *______*

Oh well. I'm off to meet the Japanese dude. Maybe he likes DBSK too *for the LOLZ*

Current Music: dbsk - holding back the tears
13 January 2009 @ 09:13 pm
9:13 PM

Aloha ;__;

The exam was ughh... i don't want to remember.

When i woke up this morning my first thought was "dang i need to read a book O___o". Yeah it happens. So~ after the exams end i will be reading the book i got from Miha-san as a birthday present, toku no koe wo sagashite. ^^v

The best thing that happened today was eating some delicious food at a Japanese restaurant, "Japan lunch", i found out about yesterday. If i only knew about it earlier. The food is cooked by a Japanese man and it's extremely cheap compared to other Japanese restaurants in Bucharest. But they will soon close down their mise due to lack of customers x____x  Oh it was so yummy! I have to go back. Absolutely.

This was the entrance.

I feel so awful. All i want to do now is listen to flumpool's over the rain. It calms me down.

Current Music: flumpool - LOST
12 January 2009 @ 08:51 pm
8:51 PM
I got you~~~~~~~ under my skin.


This is an EPIC moment. The greatest of my fangirl's life.

In short, my sister (the evil sis) came into my room last night while MIROTIC was playing on. And all of a sudden i hear her sing "i got youuuuuuuuuuuuu - under my skin".  And she sounded pretty much passionate. ROTFLMAO.

She who is always like "Why in the world do you like this language, those ugly people, this and that blah blah."  She has no idea that's a Korean song, she probably thinks it's Japanese but does it matter?
I've come so far and i enjoy the taste of victory LOL.

I knew this song was addictive. I mean i already know like 7 people or more who like DBSK because of MIROTIC.
It didn't do it for me though. I wonder why.

Speaking of which. Jaejoong is a guest in some dude's MV ! I.... uhm.... *faints* ?
credit: rocketdivv @YouTube **credit the original uploader if you grab it**

Can't wait for the full version *O* I have a feeling this Taegoon dude is good...

But today i haven't been fangirling all day long. I've been a good girl (hell yeah!) and done my translations. I still haven't finished them though. Half more of a text but damn it's hard. I don't even understand it in Romanian Then, around 2PM, i was watching the first episode of VOICE while still translating. I can't tell if i like it or night as i obviously wasn't paying too much attention.

And during the break i took around 3 PM, me and Annchan who was still at work were....very creative LMAO. KAT-TUN vs. NEWS, the smiley version douzo~

May that tomorrow it won't be the worst day for me XD *13rd, Tuesday* English exam FIGHTING !
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11 January 2009 @ 06:59 pm
7:00 PM << ^^v

I'm hungry, mom...


Writing early today. For no particular reason. Waiting for dinner to be ready =3

My present for Annchan is that i won't put up another dbsk song in this entry . See how much i care about you.

I've been lazing off all day long! Tsk. I had to do my oral presentation in French and then the translations into English but i didn't feel like it. FAIL.

Last night i did this instead. Can't remember where did i steal it from. *bows*

Which dbsk member are you?
Your Result: Hero JaeJoong

Hero Jaejoong? Well, let's see... You seem to have a cold exterior when meeting new people, but deep down inside you're the exact opposite. You in fact have a big heart who cares about his family and friends. But doesn't mean you can't be mean at times too. Sure, your mean when you want to be. You love to prepare and clean things up when needed and you need to feel like you are loved. Or at least, you like to give love. Just like JaeJoong, you are emotional at times too. But it doesnt matter either way, you have the most killer looks. So yeah, you're a Hero JaeJoong! YAY!

credit: quizmozzila

Other than the bad English of that description,  i got to find the essential stuff about Jae's personality ^^v

Aaaaaa~ dbsk.

Ok here's some weird stuff happening. The moon was very orange this evening O___o Take a look.

i'm sad i didn't make the right settings so that my camera would take a better picture (;___;)

And yes. i knew i was missing something. Last night i had this weird dream of me being a hero (no pun intended XD) or something. There was a navy battle and i had to protect Elizabeth Swan from the Pirates of the Caribbean -__-" My mind has nothing better to make up, that's for sure.

Tomorrow's the last concert of NEWS DIAMOND PARTY!  Otsukaresama deshita.
Also  VOICE starts airing tomorrow. Toma x EITA !

Looking forward to the winter drama season but not really.

Current Music: dbsk - wrong number
10 January 2009 @ 08:10 pm
8:10 PM


CODE BLUE SP has concluded the story of the 4 trainees and the nurse !! It was EPIC. Haha. Well not really. But there were some shocking and unexpected scenes. It's all about THE GRANNY !! x______x It was a nice 'drama special' and something to look forward to when it gets subbed.

Plus there's the new Mr. Children song for Code Blue.

There are already rumors for a new spring drama starring Yamapi. But the plot is one of those cheesy ones in which Yamapi would play the role of the smart, cool guy that falls in love with the weird girl. O__o I mean i support Yamapi in every role he's given out but it has to be something more serious like... he can't go from his role in CB back to such a crappy role.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, i will feed my fangirl soul with dbsk Coz damn NEWS' party tour is almost over and they'll go on a lo~~~ng hiatus until their next single release.
DBSK on the other hand is quite active as they have to face off two music markets.

I have yet to finish fangirling over Bloody Monday though. TimeLesSub staff-san, hayakushite kudasai. ^-^;;
But the exams are quite near. One more week to go *blank face*

That's when my Ryo like posts will get into scene. Or not. LOL.

I found some nice fashion articles today. I mean i'm sure i'm not 100% biased coz Micky Yoochun is not  my fave guy in dbsk - who am i trying to fool here (;__;). But he could become after these pictures. And the other one who happens to be my fave - Jaejoong <333 - was just lucky enough to wear the things i love in this photoshoot. Does it make sense? No? No.

Oh well. Micky and Jaejoong wearing awesome clothes damn me for not having enough money to buy such articles.

credit: itvxq.net

And damn you JJ for being such good friend with Yunho.
It makes me like Yunho too.

I've always wanted to do this kya~~~~~~~~~~~~
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