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18 January 2009 @ 08:41 pm
8:41 PM

Everything is inside the jewelry box

Bloody Monday.


This entry is going to be my last. And there will be *crazy* pictures at the end. Me and.. Yunho? LMAO.

But first.

Let me share some Nari-kun smexiness with you all. J vs. Falcon is my fave ♥♥

credit: TBS official website, Timelessub

Oh yeah! There was Otoya as well. I mean Sato Takeru. ♥ And the two girls that really bugged me.

Now on with my craziness. Sometime last week (i believe it was on Thursday?) i had this fuzzled hairstyle while staying @home and studying. And when i look into the mirror i was like "oh shi.t, doesn't this weirdo hairstyle look like Yunho's hair during the 'T' concert?" Which i so disliked at that time. Mmm i still don't like it if i think better.
But now that i look at the pictures of *us* i can't see the resemblance anymore.  

Me                                                   Yunho
Ughh. not quite huh? Yes? No? =D

Now i'm not sure if this is the last time i'm updating this livejournal as today i've kinda...created another blog. Anyone who is interested in reading it can poke me about it. :p
BUT if i miss livejournaling i will come back. Ne~ Or maybe i can handle them both? XD
I know this comes as a surprise (a bad one?) but i have my own reasons.

It's been fun. Thank you!
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